If you ever thought that scientific literature provides one consistent body of knowledge, you were mistaken. Science proceeds on the basis of controversial discussions in which people assess a subject matter from different points of view and exchange evidence that supports their theories. Understanding this process means an important step forward towards becoming a scientist and enables you to join the discussion with your own contributions. This is what we are going to learn in this seminar.

The subject matter for the seminar is provided by the concept of value co-creation, which plays a fundamental role in current research on service innovation and ecosystems. The concept posits that producers of goods or service providers are not the only ones responsible for the creation of value in commercial activity. Customers and other interest groups can also be considered as co-creators of value.

In the seminar, we will study the extant literature on the topic and try to identify and understand controversial points of view, seeks explanations for their origins and look for ways to resolve the conflicts. In addition, we will dive more deeply into the colourful world of academia with all its weird customs and traditions, and learn more about the general history of our field of research

Credits for this seminar are earned by a literature review with subsequent presentation in seminar sessions/ written essay.

!Caution: This course won't take place in the winter semester 19/20!

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+49 (0) 911 5302-284


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Wednesday, 00.30 to Thursday, 00.45

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