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Sometimes, people involved with innovation just seem to speak different languages. Nevertheless, they can drive innovation ahead. A recent paper of our chair discusses this penomenon as cultural translation ( Cultural translation occurs when groups of people interact who have different understandings of the innovations which are developed in the lab. There is no guarantee that these groups of people will eventually find a common understanding – but their interaction can still lead to valuable results, because the give insight into the variety of different points of view, which offers new directions for further innovation projects and market strategies.

Students are invited to write a thesis on similar phenomena on social media where an innovation discussed. During their work, students are expected to perform the following tasks:

  • They should document the discussion and characterize differences in understanding among the discussants
  • They should observe how interaction takes place between groups of people with different understandings and describe the outcome of the interaction
  • They should suggest how the observation of such differences can best be used to revise and expand existing innovation strategies.

Background information about qualitative data analysis will be provided. Students with basic IT knowledge are welcome to use text analysis tools during their work.

Students with other interests in mind can also perform the study in other fields of application than social media.