Thesis Status: Open
Title Thesis Advisor Assigned Student
Wirtschaftlichkeit als Einflussfaktor in der Customer Journey: Nutzung des „Return on Investment“ im Entscheidungsprozess von Geschäftskunden Christofer Daiberl, M.Sc.
Robotics in Retail: How do human-robot interactions differ from interpersonal ones? Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
Robotics in Retail: How do you imagine a robotic sales assistant, and which use cases offer added value? Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
Robotics in Retail: How should service systems which include service robots be designed to allow for stakeholders’ acceptance? Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
Organizational Challenges from Digitization in the Envelope Industry Elena Krause, M.A.
How digitization and data are changing the world of professional soccer Stefan Michael Genennig, M.Sc.
Digitalisierung im Garten- und Landschaftsbau Martin Schymanietz, M.Sc.
Digitization in professional sports Stefan Michael Genennig, M.Sc.
Social Network Analysis for crowdfunders Khaoula Behi, M.IM.
Business model for crowdfunding platform Khaoula Behi, M.IM.
OPC UA Applications in the Context of Industry 4.0 (programming skills needed) Sascha J. Oks, M.Sc.
OPC UA-Anwendungen im Industrie 4.0-Kontext (Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich) Sascha J. Oks, M.Sc.
Designing Industry 4.0 Demonstrators (programming skills needed) Sascha J. Oks, M.Sc.
Analysis of the user perspective on the development of smart services, between reuse and self-development. Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
What IoT vendors think you should know for developing IoT solutions? An insight from IoT learning materials provided by IoT vendors Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
Evaluation of IoT cloud marketplaces from a user-centric design perspective Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
Co-creation in GitHub from a modularity perspective: a case study. Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
Data-driven services in sports Martin Schymanietz, M.Sc.
Designing a Value Proposition for B2B Research in Joint Labs Julian Boha, M. Sc.
Development of a web crawler to collect data about open innovation behaviors of IoT cloud providers Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
Business Model Innovation: Management tools for business model innovation Stefan Michael Genennig, M.Sc.
Prototyping tools: design for collaboration Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
Thesis Status: Work in progress
Title Thesis Advisor Assigned Student
A robotic sales assistant: Exploring and assessing value-adding use cases for service robots in stationary retail Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
The development of an instrument to measure frontline employees’ acceptance and resistance to service robots Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
A Systematic Literature Review of Service Robots in Service Systems: Current Status & Future Research Avenues Patrick Meyer, M.Sc.
Development of a retail readiness level scale for brick-and-mortar retail technologies based on technology readiness level (TRL) and/ or integration readiness levels (IRL). Stefan Wolpert, Dipl.-Kfm.
What retail relevant data can be gathered via video/image recognition, sensors, mobile devices, crowdsourcing & Co.? Stefan Wolpert, Dipl.-Kfm.
The internet of things: how does the transfer of personalized information/ sensor data result in the creation of customized retail solutions? Stefan Wolpert, Dipl.-Kfm.
How to link behavioral data with sales data, with product assortment, and with area-or-store specific data? Stefan Wolpert, Dipl.-Kfm.
Methodendesign zur systematischen Geschäftsmodellentwicklung im Kontext von Industrie 4.0 Sascha J. Oks, M.Sc.
Radical Innovations - case study Dr. Julia M. Jonas
IP in collaborative innovation Dr. Julia M. Jonas
Blockchain mechanisms for Mobile Apps – a feasibility study in industry (Thesis in German or English) Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche
Insur-techs: disruptive innovation or marketing scam? (Thesis in German or English) Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche
Diffusion of innovation in a customer-centric world (Thesis in German or English) Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche
How can innovation management benefit from disagreements? (Thesis in German or English) Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche
Voice of the Consumer: a netnographic study on sharing services and crowdsourced mobility
Sharing services and crowdsourced mobility: An analysis of risks and potentials
Systematic literature review on IoT prototyping Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.
How to design interfaces between systems? Dr. Hari Suman Naik Lekshmi Kaladevi
Argument Structures in Strategic Security Decisions Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche
Der Einfluss von Ideenmanagement auf die Mitarbeiterbindung – Eine quantitative Studie am Beispiel Deutsche Post AG Dr. Anke Wendelken
Social Network Analysis of an Open Innovation Community Matthias Raß, Dipl.-Kfm.
Onlinekommunikation bei Genossenschaften: Eine empirische Analyse der Nutzung sozialer Medien Matthias Raß, Dipl.-Kfm.
How can toolkits give firms an advantage? Dr. Hari Suman Naik