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Open innovation laboratories allow activities can concern products, processes and business models. They can be related to research and development in a specific company or take place as an open community activity. Furthermore, such laboratories can not only target innovation for businesses, but also societal innovation that changes the underlying fabric of economic interaction and thus leads to new ways of value creation on a different level. In order to capture all these forms of innovation, it is necessary to use systemic models of value creation that include different stakeholders, resources and interactions between the participants. Such models have lately become popular in the field of service management.
We invite students to write a thesis that elaborates such a systemic model of value creation in which the different forms of innovation that are taking place in open laboratories can be localized. This model should take the extant literature about different laboratories into account. It should then be used to categorize the innovations documented over the last year in JOSEPHS – the Service Manufactory and derive success factors for them from interviews with the experts involved.