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Even though electronic devices have invaded both the professional and personal spaces, the user-device interaction rarely goes beyond the screen or the casing to explore the internal structure and composition of the device. In order to get more acquainted with the technology and explore new paths for innovation, users need special encouragements.

With the advent of crowdfunding platforms, we witness the proliferation of campaigns for prototyping tools and kits with the noble intention to bring electronics to the general public such as circuit scribe, littleBits, sam and lightup. Other more advanced tools, such as Arduino, provide even larger making possibilities to the makers. As much as these tools meet the mission and goal they are designed for, there is very low focus on the collaboration collaboration dimension and theri use remains confined within the product development boundaries.



- Evaluation and mapping of prototyping tools

- Designing prototyping tools for persuasion

- Beyond the product: electronic prototyping for strategy


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