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Participants in innovation processes often refer to the same things without having the same understanding of what they mean. This can cause confusion, but it also holds a strong potential for progreStudents who are interested to write a thesis in this area are expected to study the innovation activities in JOSEPHS to identify the boundary objects that are applied and their role in the process. Empirical approaches should consist of a mixture of observations and interviews or other invasive/ non-invasive methods. At the end of the thesis, students should be able to identify critical success factors for the usage of boundary objects in JOSEPHS and give recommendations for their, because it allows a flexible adaptation of meaning while the outcome of the innovation is still vague and unclear. As common points of reference, such things have been described in certain streams of literature as boundary objects. Boundary objects can appear in many different forms during innovation activities, in particular when the participants do not only exchange over the internet, but meet physically on location, for example in JOSEPHS, the Service Manufactory.