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Security is a growing field of business that relies strongly on the innovative potential of small and medium-size companies. Such companies usually focus on specific offerings, such as object surveillance and monitoring, access control, disaster recovery or secure data storage. These offerings, however, can only create value in combination with each other. It is therefore necessary to understand the interplay of the different offerings in order to gain a better picture of the innovation procedures in the field. This can be achieved on the basis of recent concepts of value co-creation in service systems.

Background information can be found in this paper.

Students who are interested in writing their master thesis in this area can look into one of the following questions:

- What exactly is secured by the offerings? How does this correspond to other offerings?
- Which methods can be applied to resolve conflicts between different security objectives?
- How can IT support the interplay among the stakeholders in security with innovation tools?

Every thesis is expected to include a brief review of the extant literature in the field and an empirical study among companies that offer security services. Students can choose either a business focus or a technical focus, depending on their individual interests and competencies.