X-Mas Gift by Springer: New wi1 Article on Diffusion Models for Spreading Innovations


Diffusion models can be used to describe a large variety of phenomena in many fields of research, including thermodynamics, bacteriology, linguistics and archaeology, but also innovation management. The latest publication of wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche investigates how the models used to study innovation correspond with the approaches in other disciplines. Although nomenclature is sometimes quite different, the mathematical foundations of the diffusion models are similar to those used in ...


“Leadership for Innovation” - presenting output from a unique research initiative

Over the last years, the Peter Pribilla Foundation has provided support for numerous outstanding scholars to pursue research projects, collaborate, exchange experience and explore new ways of experimentation, communication, teaching and training. The results can be found in a new publication, ...


new wi1 publication challenges spatial views of innovation

We use to think about innovation in terms of spaces, inside and outside a company, where different people do different things. In his latest publication, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche asks if this view is really helpful for gaining a better understanding of how innovation works. Drawing on evolutionary studies, he suggests that the notion of an inside and outside does not make sense any more. Fritzsche does not only ...


New publication: Wi1 contributes to Springer book “Industrial Internet of Things – Cybermanufacturing Systems“

We are happy to announce that Wi1 is featured in the newest book of the Springer series of “Wireless Technology”. In the chapter “An Application Map for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems” Sascha Julian Oks, Albrecht Fritzsche and Kathrin M. Möslein derive and elaborate an overview of application fields for industrial cyber-physical systems and thereon unify these in an application map. The whole book or just the outlined chapter can be found here: ...


New publication: Facilitating co-creation in living labs: The JOSEPHS study

As part of the joint NEMODE project, Cambridge Service Alliance has published a white paper called" Facilitating co-creation in living labs: The JOSEPHS study" available at www.cambridgeservicealliance.eng.cam.ac.uk. The team of researchers - Katharina Greve, Veronica Martinez, Julia Jonas, Andy Neely and Kathrin Möslein - has put together a paper that analyses factors which facilitate co-creation in living labs. ...


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