Die Geburt des Neuen – Interview mit Albrecht Fritzsche

Wie kommt das Neue in die Welt? Welche Rolle spielt der Markt? Und was hat Wissenschaft mit Utopien zu tun? Diese Fragen stehen im Mittelpunkt des Interviews mit Albrecht Fritzsche, das kürzlich im Forschungsmagazin Friedrich erschienen ist. Entstanden ist das Interview auf einem Nürnberger Spielplatz. Das ist kein Zufall, denn Fritzsche schlägt den Bogen ...


Security as a Service: on the benefits for others provided by critical infrastructures


The efforts taken to secure critical infrastructures are immense. During the last years, cybersecurity has received particular attention in this context. The VeSiKi project is dedicated to the investigation and support of research projects dealing with IT and the security of critical infrastructures. Wi1 particularly focusses on questions of innovation in VeSiKi. But what exactly is secured, and how does this contribute to the security of society? These questions are explored in a paper by ...


new wi1 publication challenges spatial views of innovation

We use to think about innovation in terms of spaces, inside and outside a company, where different people do different things. In his latest publication, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche asks if this view is really helpful for gaining a better understanding of how innovation works. Drawing on evolutionary studies, he suggests that the notion of an inside and outside does not make sense any more. Fritzsche does not only ...


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