WI1 mit Projekt VeSiKi auf der it-sa 2018

In dieser Woche fand in Nürnberg die it-sa, Europas führende IT-Sicherheits-Fachmesse mit begleitendem Kongress, statt.
Max Jalowski und Matthias Raß vom Lehrstuhl WI1 waren mit dem vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
geförderten Projekt "Vernetzte IT-Sicherheit Kritischer Infrastrukturen" (VeSiKi) dabei. Das Projekt VeSiKi betreut als


Open Doors for JOSEPHS in Eastern Asia

FAU and Fraunhofer IIS have recently signed an agreement with Feng Chia University and the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau about further collaborations on JOSEPHS. The agreement has raised attention all across the country, being featured in one of the biggest newspapers of Taiwan.

In the course of the past years, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche ...


„ITS|KRITIS 2018 – Erfolge und Zukunft“ im JOSEPHS® in Nürnberg

Zusammen mit Partnern von der Universität der Bundeswehr München, der Universität Bremen und der Deutschen Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik (DKE) organisierten Matthias Raß und Max Jalowski vom Lehrstuhl WI1 der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg die diesjährige Auflage des ITS|KRITIS-Kongresses, der Jahrestagung des Förderschwerpunkts „IT-Sicherheit für Kritische Infrastrukturen“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).



Final presentations of "Innovation & Leadership"... with a very special guest!

This weekend has been marked by the final presentations of the students for the IIS master course Innovation & Leadership that took place at the open innovation lab JOSEPHS. This semester the students had the opportunity to ideate and work on a very concrete theme, dear to many at FAU, which is the strategy of the university illustrated by the moto "Knowledge in motion". The teams of students progressed through the devious innovation process, iterated on several ideas, ran interviews, ...


X-Mas Gift by Springer: New wi1 Article on Diffusion Models for Spreading Innovations


Diffusion models can be used to describe a large variety of phenomena in many fields of research, including thermodynamics, bacteriology, linguistics and archaeology, but also innovation management. The latest publication of wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche investigates how the models used to study innovation correspond with the approaches in other disciplines. Although nomenclature is sometimes quite different, the mathematical foundations of the diffusion models are similar to those used in ...


What is really going on in open labs? A new wi1 journal publication


Open laboratories like JOSEPHS have become increasingly popular over the last years. Many companies use them to support their innovation processes. This, however, does not exhaust the benefits of open labs. In our latest journal publication, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche applies the concept of cultural translation to open laboratories in order to give a wider account of the activities that are taking place inside them. Using a multiple case study approach, he shows that they can also ...


Space and place – an emerging theme in open innovation

Leading scholars convened in a field-configuring event for research on open innovation at this year’s meeting of the Academy of Management in Atlanta. WI1 was actively involved, facilitating a discussion group on space and place in open innovation, together with Susanne Ollila of Chalmers University, Sweden.

Nuremberg’s ZOLLHOF – tech Incubator and the open innovation lab JOSEPHS are only two out of many different environments in which open innovation takes place. There is still a ...


Auftaktveranstaltung "Innovation Research Lab Meets Medical Valley" am 5. Mai

Am 5. Mai von 13 bis 17 Uhr findet im Medical Valley Center Erlangen die Auftaktveranstaltung zu "Innovation Research Lab Meets Medical Valley" statt.


Das Innovation Research Lab an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen Nürnberg bietet Studierenden die Möglichkeit, an eigenen technischen und prozessorientierten Ideen und Projekten oder von Unternehmen gestellten praktischen oder theoretischen Aufgabenstellungen zu arbeiten ...


new wi1 publication challenges spatial views of innovation

We use to think about innovation in terms of spaces, inside and outside a company, where different people do different things. In his latest publication, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche asks if this view is really helpful for gaining a better understanding of how innovation works. Drawing on evolutionary studies, he suggests that the notion of an inside and outside does not make sense any more. Fritzsche does not only ...



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