The research stream “Digital Innovation” at Wi1 looks in depth at the way digitization allows for, drives or hinders innovation. We are especially interested in intangible innovations, like the innovation of services, systems or social settings and the practices, processes and platforms that enable new forms of value creation in these contexts. Typical questions we try to answer are:

  • How will big-data drive new digital service business-models?
  • How can toolkits support new forms of co-creation and personalization?
  • What kinds of tools and platforms are needed to support innovators in the digital age?

We, thus, strive to provide the knowledge and tools needed for leading innovation and transformation.

EIT Health 2016Camp224

"Innovation Leadership & Business Management Executive Education" (EIT Health 2016Camp224) ist ein Projekt unter Beteiligung von Partnern aus sechs europäischen Ländern, das darauf ausgerichtet ist, Exzellenz und Innovation in der Executive Education in den Bereichen Gesundheitsmanagement und Unternehmensführung zu stärken. Das Projekt wird im Rahmen des Campus-Programms von EIT Health gefördert.


WI1 on teaching data-driven innovation at AoM

Together with Barbara Dinter from TU Chemnitz, Albrecht Fritzsche of wi1 hosted a workshop at this year’s general meeting of the Academy of Management in Atlanta. The topic: data-driven innovation. Participants from all over the world explored different teaching approaches and reflected them on the basis of pedagogical, technical and managerial concepts provided by the hosts. Lively discussions emerged in the audience, as the topic is expected to gain tremendous importance in the coming ...


EIT Health 2016Camp224

'Innovation Leadership & Business Management Executive Education' (EIT Health 2016Camp224) is a project with partners from six European countries focused on fostering excellence and innovation in health care and business management executive education. The project is funded within the Campus program of EIT Health.


Learning to speak “digital” – how industry applies cyber-physical design concepts in new systems implementations

Fritzsche, A., & Oks S. J. (2016).  Learning to speak “digital” – how industry applies cyber-physical design concepts in new systems implementations. Information Systems Foundations Workshop: Theorising Digital Innovation.

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VeSiKi is the scientific meta project for the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) research program "IT-Sicherheit für Kritische Infrastrukturen" (IT security for critical infrastructures). On the one hand, it supports the joint projects within the research program and facilitates the cooperative research process. On the other hand, it fosters visibility of the research program's activities and outcomes for the general public as well as transfer to practice. Furthermore, VeSiKi contributes own research that complements the other project's activities.



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