TitleTranslations of Technology and the Future of Engineering. (Fritzsche, A., & Oks S. J., Ed.)
Publication Type07. Book Chapters
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFritzsche, A., & Oks S. J.
Book TitleThe Future of Engineering: Philosophical Foundations, Ethical Problems and Application Cases
Series Volume31
ISBN Number978-3-319-91028-4
KeywordsDiversity, Empirical turn, Post-normal engineering, Translation

Philosophers of technology, engineers, and other experts involved with the same subject matter look at technology in different ways. This paper explores what happens if conflicts and misunderstandings between them cannot be resolved. The exchange between the different expert groups on philosophical questions concerning technology is described as a continuous practice of coping with diversity. This practice can be described as translation, because it connects otherwise unrelated expressions of meaning. It lays the foundation for any further productive treatment of technology in society and future possibilities for the development of engineering. The chapters of this book are used as an illustration of the many different faces and levels of translation in the field.