TitleTo track or not to track?
Publication Type05. Working Papers
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAbraham, M., Grimm V., Lorek K., Möslein K. M., Niessen C., Schnabel C., & Wrede M.
Secondary TitleLASER Discussion Paper

In this exploratory study, we analyze under which circumstances employees show positive or negative attitudes towards tracking and tracing technologies at the workplace inside and outside the employer’s premises. The results from our multi-factorial survey among 800 respondents in Germany show that employees do not reject these technologies per se. However, they are sensitive, e.g. regarding the transparency and efficiency of the informational changes and the involvement of works councils, and they are rather skeptical if these technologies are to be used for monitoring health and performance. The results indicate that the new technologies at hand will probably be introduced in the end, but the introduction may be subject to bargaining and conflicts between the actors involved.

Citation Key8111

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