TitleSystematic Service Development: Exploring the Role of the Setting
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFritzsche, A., Jonas J. M., Roth A., & Möslein K. M.
Conference NameR&D Management Conference

Services as a co-creative process between providers and users rely to a large extent on the tacit knowledge of the participant. It therefore seems doubtful whether service development can proceed in a similar way as the development of material products, which is largely based on material structures, formal information and determinate technical operations. The settings in which co-creation takes place provide structures for service development in a different way. This paper looks into the question how these structures affect the tacit knowledge involved and to what extent this influence can be used to support a systematic service development process. Based on field research among business experts for cocreation in services, we identify four dimensions of impact on tacit knowledge in service development and evaluate the implications for the establishment of a systematic process. The findings are used to draft a framework for the strategic analysis of co-creation settings in terms of their treatment of tacit knowledge and its implications for the structure of the service development process, which allows us to analyse specific instantiations of this dynamic in the case of the new service manufactory in Nuremberg.

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