TitleThe strategies and tactics of patent management and their importance for competitive advantage
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFritzsche, A., & Geiger R.
EditorTurner, G., & Minnone C.
Conference Namethe 3rd European conference on intellectual capital

In order to gain a better understanding of patenting activities, it is necessary to overcome the simplifications of identifying a patent with a competitive advantage. Companies use patenting in many different ways for different purposes. Based on the subsequent steps of rational problem solving, it is possible to establish a framework of patent management that distinguishes the strategies of patenting and the tactical moves that are be applied to pursue them. Based on the review of current literature, four strategies and eleven tactical moves can be identified. The distinction between strategies and tactics makes it easier to describe the role of patenting in the knowledge society and the emerging market for intellectual property in the high-tech industry. In particular, the reference to the tactical moves in which companies make use of their patents can improve the methods to assess the value that patents have for their owners.