TitleSpreading Innovations: Models, Designs and Research Directions
Publication Type07. Book Chapters
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFritzsche, A.
Book TitleDiffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society

Diffusion models are often applied in business and management research to describe the spread of innovations. Regarding the mathematical representation of the process, these models usually remain rather simple—the main challenge is to find the appropriate object of reference, because innovations can be discussed on different levels of detail, from a general purpose technology down to a specific version of a product. Furthermore, contemporary innovations hardly remain static over time, but change their properties in the course of the diffusion process, due to technical updates and changing modes of application. This turns the attention to the question whether companies and public institutions can actually create conditions under which the spread of innovations can be framed as a diffusion process, or if there are other means to make it more predictable and controllable.