TitleService Systems Engineering Triggered by Digitalization – a Conceptual Framework
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHöckmayr, B., Roth A., & Möslein K. M.
Conference NamePaper presented at the 16th European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM). Paris, France
Conference LocationParis
AbstractThis paper develops a framework that addresses the role of digitalization in extant service systems. Against the backdrop of increasing digitalization and accordingly emerging business opportunities and challenges for German manufacturing SMEs, the framework aims to constitute an initial step in the course of leveraging inherent value creation potentials from an operational point of view. Guided by the notion that new theoretical lenses and perspectives are necessary in order to advance the understanding of today’s global, digital, service-oriented economy, the framework takes service-dominant logic as a worldview that shifts traditional firm-centric and output-oriented perspectives towards an understanding of economic exchange that is centered on service itself and emphasizes the interplay between actors and resources to co-create value. The framework developed in this paper aims to support the determination of potentials for service systems engineering in terms of identifying opportunities for a reconfiguration of extant service systems. It takes activity relevant information as crucial resource in service systems and helps analyzing how this resource can be reconfigured along the dimensions of time/place/actor/constellation. This reconfiguration of information as a resource leads to a reconfiguration of the whole service systems. With the notion of guiding this process in a systematic and operational manner, an initial step for service systems engineering is constituted. This paper contributes to service science by conceptualizing the role of digitalization in service innovation.

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