TitleLearning to speak “digital” – how industry applies cyber-physical design concepts in new systems implementations
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsFritzsche, A., & Oks S. J.
Conference NameInformation Systems Foundations Workshop: Theorising Digital Innovation
Conference LocationCanberra

Constructs like the internet of things and cyber-physical systems provide a whole new design repertoire for information systems implementations in industry. In our paper, we study three cases in the context of industrial maintenance to explore how companies actually make use of this repertoire in practice and how their usage relates to the potential which is generally associated with the digital transformation of industry. We find that companies use the new repertoire very conservatively and stay closely connected to their previous experience. At the same time, we see that practitioners actively explore directions of digitization which go into rather different directions than those that are currently discussed in public. We interpret this as a first step to the evolution of a general ability to make the new design repertoire usable for specific purposes which can be compared to learning a new language.

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