TitleInitial Design of a Method for Service Systems Engineering in the Digital Age
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHöckmayr, B., Roth A., & Möslein K. M.
Conference NamePaper Presented at the 17h European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM). Glasgow, United Kingdom
Conference LocationGlasgow

The proliferation of service systems that leverage the potentials from increased digitization raises new challenges for their systematic and structured development. In this paper, a method for developing novel service systems that are built on the premises of digitization is derived according to the principles of design science research. It is discussed concerning its feasibility in real-world contexts. Grounded in the field of service systems engineering, the foundation for the initial design of the method is comprised of building blocks that deal with (1) the nature of digitally enabled service systems, (2) the role of digitization as a trigger for innovation in service systems, and (3) the systematic development of services by means of dedicated methods. The method enables integrated development of digitally enabled service systems among three major steps: (a) determination of the firm's positioning in the value creation constellation from a customer's point of view, (b) identification of innovation potentials along a specific customer job to-be-done, (c) derivation of a reconfigured service system by applying service blueprinting and mechanisms underlying digitization. The method accommodates the nature of digitally enabled service systems and enables their systematic development in the course of distinct complementary steps. Hence, this paper contributes to the field of service systems engineering that focuses on systematically designing and developing service systems with regard to service-centric business models and strategies in the digital age.