TitleIndustrialising Innovation in Digital Manufacturing with Automated Search – a Design-Based Approach
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFritzsche, A.
Conference NameEURAM

The increasing availability of comprehensive digital models of manufacturing and other contained industrial operations creates potential to apply automated search procedures for innovation purposes. Such procedures are already well known from the context of operations research. This paper investigates how they can be related to the wider scope of innovation. The theoretical background is provided by C-K Theory, which allows the distinction of different operations in the course of innovation regarding knowledge and concept generation. Using the prominent example of genetic algorithms, the paper discusses different steps of automated search procedures in relation to C-K theory and its underlying considerations in formal-symbolic logics and set theory. The results show many correspondences between the search logic and innovation, particularly in the constructive approach to concept generation. The findings suggest that the usage of automated search procedures for innovation will have a layering effect on the different operations which are involved, which is in some respect similar to industrialisation patterns from the early 20th century, but completely different in regarding the treatment of knowledge.

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