TitleImportance of user role concepts for the implementation and operation of service systems based on cyber-physical architectures
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOks, S. J., & Fritzsche A.
Conference Nameinnteract

Information technology has had a distinct influence on societies, their organizations and industries as well as the lives of their members. Nowadays, a further advancement brings inestimable potential based on IT infrastructure: The internet of things. Based on sensors, actuators and data analyzing solutions, cyber-physical systems build the infrastructure for new processes as well as service systems. In the field of manufacturing the main focus is set on the continuous advancement of automation and fostering further efficiency in the machine based production processes. In addition to this it must be emphasized, how relevant convenient user integration is: Technological progress only reveals its ultimate potential if the users which interact with the system are integrated according to their needs.

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