TitleEnabling dynamic R&D for a unique Luxury Car Brand
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAlbers, A., Krämer L., & Fritzsche A.
Conference NameR&D Management Conference

At  the beginning of a car’s  lifecycle, R&D has to meet increasing customer and tightening regulatory demands with the product design. In light of the resulting technological advances, luxury car companies have to leverage their unique engineering heritage and tradition. The question is how R&D should prepare for this challenge ahead? This contribution presents the case of a luxury car brand using a bottom-up approach to identify which are the  current and traditional strengths of an R&D division that need to be developed in order  to  cope with changes in the firm’s environment. Starting  from a sub section level, we aggregate competencies to the division’s level  in workshops complemented by semi-structured interviews. Based on this information, dynamic clusters of existing competencies are identified using Design Structure Matrices in a network analysis. Moving on, a target state of desired competencies is derived  from  product and technology roadmaps. This enables a fit/gap-analysis in order to examine critical areas where dynamic capabilities need to be increased and where the underlying competencies need to be reconfigured