TitleDe-internationalization: Past research and future challenges
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDauth, T., Lehnen P., & Velamuri V. K.
Conference Name13th Vaasa Conference on International Business
Date Published08/2015
Conference LocationVaasa, Finland

The objective of this article is to offer an overview and a synthesis of the relevant publications on firms’ de-internationalization and to provide suggestions for future research in this field. Our broad and systematic literature review reveals that research on de-internationalization continues to be relatively scarce and fragmented. We identify three categories (reasons for de-internationalization, process of de-internationalization, outcomes of de-internationalization) that enable us to integrate existing studies and to guide future research efforts. Overall, this systematic review shall encourage a more vivid discussion and extend efforts to investigate the phenomenon of de-internationalization of multinational corporations.