TitleChallenges of integrating an evaluation-model for success within social entrepreneurship
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSchreiber, C., & Velamuri V. K.
Conference NameThe XXV ISPIM Conference – Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society
Date Published06/2014
Conference LocationDublin, Ireland

There are a high number of publications available on the field of social entrepreneurship, but a widely accepted success evaluation-model for these kinds of firms is still missing. Academia, practitioners, and organizations have proposed several models to provide guidance. To shed light on which of these models are used in practice and how social businesses are currently dealing with success evaluation, this research is based on ten interviews conducted with four different German social businesses. The research provides answers to reasons for a social entrepreneurship-specific model, models currently in use, and chances and hurdles concerning a uniform success evaluation-model.