TitleBack to the Community: Effects of Data-Driven Peer-to-Peer Interaction on Insurance Business
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFritzsche, A., & Zwack T.
Conference NameAoM Specialized Conference on Big Data
PublisherAcademy of Management
Conference LocationGuildford

Big data applications allow people looking for insurances to find communities of peers and secure each other in new ways. This paper presents insights from a multiple case study of existing peer-to-peer solutions in the context of insurance offered on the internet. It analyses different levels on which peer-to-peer interaction is implemented, from technical infrastructure to contract agreements and community management. Results show that peer-to-peer solutions in the context of insurance are still in an early stage, but have potential to disrupt conventional insurance business, as they change the bargaining situation and allow the design of hybrid offerings to secure practices in which financial coverage is only one out of many aspects.

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