Partizipative Mitbestimmung in digitalisierter Arbeitswelt

In the course of the digitalisation of work, co-determination in the workplace is coming under pressure. However, new regulatory issues are not the only ones that need to be addressed; at the same time, opportunities are arising to use digital technology profitably for co-determination work itself - and at the same time to open up the institution of the works council for a more participation-oriented company policy. From an interdisciplinary perspective, together with the sociology of work and organization (Prof. Dr. Rainer Trinczek) and human resources management (Prof. Dr. Werner Widuckel), we focus our research on forms of participation that become possible on the basis of digital technology or what this medium of new forms of co-determination is like.

To what extent does the digitization of work at the same time generate new or changed forms of participation or even require them, which can be used in the sense of corporate co-determination? To this end, we ask about the transferability of a logic based on participative'open innovation' approaches.

Which digital technologies are already used by actors in corporate co-determination? To what extent is this connected with an institutional opening in the sense of 'open innovation' and a more participatory orientation of co-determination practice?

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2018 to 2019

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