Entwicklung innovativer Versorgungskonzepte am Beispiel seltener Erkrankungen

The EiVE project addresses specific challenges of a holistic health care for patients with rare diseases. It aims for the extension of knowledge on innovative care approaches as well as the design of interdisciplinary health care networks and their effective implementation within the health care system. Due to the rarity of the addressed diseases and the geographic dispersion of the involved persons, expert knowledge is only available to a limited extent and knowledge transfer is impeded. However, especially with rare diseases, multiple organ systems are affected and interdisciplinary therapy approaches are necessary. Complex value creation networks involve patients, patients’ families, doctors, nurses, therapists, social services, manufacturers of medical products, health insurance providers, and other actors. To create innovation, communication and coordination of existing knowledge on needs and solutions between these persons is essential.

In its sub-project 'Open Innovation in Health Care', the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg primarily investigates the potentials of integrating traditionally passive actors into innovation processes. An Internet-based platform that connects relevant groups is designed, implemented, and evaluated. The main objective is to enhance knowledge on potentials and particular characteristics of open innovation approaches in health care, especially with regard to rare diseases.

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2009 to 2012

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