Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Falling Walls Foundation has been asking for 10 years now which walls in science and society will fall next? For this purpose, they invited young entrepreneurs from all over the world to come to Berlin to share their promising start-up ideas at the annual Falling Walls Conference. The Friedrich-Alexander University also attended the conference. Through the Young Entrepreneurs in Science competition workshop, Torben Schindler from the Institute for Crystallography and structural Physics, Alexander Tafel from the Chair of Laser Physics and Matthias Förster from the Chair of Information Systems with focus on Innovation and Value Creation (WI1) qualified as conference guests. The representatives of the three chairs would like to thank Falling Walls Foundation for an outstanding opportunity to join the interesting and exceptional lectures and start-up pitches as well as creative lab and workshop sessions. Moreover, we would like to thank the entrepreneurs, professors and potential investors for the fruitful discussions about our joint start-up idea producing unique jewelery with diamond coatings: "nanoKarat".

Instead of ornamenting jewelery - for example a wedding ring - with diamonds, we can cover it with diamond from all sides and even produce spectacular colours with ultra-thin films. Due to the fabrication process, every ring is unique just like the loved person who receives it.