The prestigious Shin Research Excellence Award 2018 of the Geneva Association and the International Insurance Society goes to Alexander Bohnert and Albrecht Fritzsche of FAU and Shirley Gregor of ANU Canberra. The three researchers receive this distinction for their paper called “Digital Agendas in the Insurance Industry: The Importance of Comprehensive Approaches”.
The paper touches one of the key issues of the ongoing digital transformation. It asks whether it really matters that companies put digital technology on their strategic agenda. Bohnert, Fritzsche and Gregor give a positive answer. Based on a comprehensive study of the insurance industry, they show that companies with a digital agenda are more successful than others. In more detail, they find that this effect is even stronger when the digital agenda does not concern internal business activities or external collaboration exclusively, but decidedly mentions both together.
The paper provides an important contribution to the ongoing discussion about the digital transformation and its effects on business. It highlights the importance of comprehensive strategic approaches across organizational boundaries, one of the key research areas of wi1. The three researchers, who met through the academic network of the Schöller Research Center for Business and Society, will continue their activities with further work in different fields.