The efforts taken to secure critical infrastructures are immense. During the last years, cybersecurity has received particular attention in this context. The VeSiKi project is dedicated to the investigation and support of research projects dealing with IT and the security of critical infrastructures. Wi1 particularly focusses on questions of innovation in VeSiKi. But what exactly is secured, and how does this contribute to the security of society? These questions are explored in a paper by Florian Maurer and Albrecht Fritzsche which was just presented at the biennial meeting of the renowned Society of Philosophy and Technology (SPT) in Darmstadt. In their paper, Maurer and Fritzsche take a service perspective. They study the different layers of systems in which value is created by security, and how these layers are actually addressed by companies and public institutions. Specific attention is directed at logistics services and the robustness and resilience of the systems in question. With their paper, Maurer and Fritzsche contribute to the evolution of a new research perspective which has so far been widely neglected and provides many opportunities for further research.