Last Wednesday, the grand opening event of  the „New Workspace Concept“ at Nürnberger Versicherung- hosted by Walter Bockshecker, HR director and project initiator - took place. Within the company’s headquarters in Nuremberg, existing, closed cell offices are rebuilt into open, multi-functional and flexible spaces  that adapt to each employee’s individual needs (e.g. quiet areas for concentration work next to open offices for collaborative teamwork).

The development of the new rooms and the creation of the resulting workspace concept is based on a pilot and scientifically accompanied by Prof. Angela Roth and Natalie Roth to explore in the context of Open Innovation and the future of work direct impacts on the work processes, the employees and the overall organization. In times of continuous change and the need for agile, flexible organizations, new workspace concepts aim to increase the creativity, motivation, communication, satisfaction, productivity and the well-being of the employees.