The digital transformation forces companies to think about value creation, value delivery and value capturing in new ways. In his keynote at the Taiwanese Seminar on Multidisciplinary Engineering Education and Research Projects, Dr. Fritzsche from Wi1 reviewed this process as a heuristic search and explained the contribution of open laboratories to its success. He showed how the concept of JOSEPHS facilitates such contributions and presented examples of its successful application in Nuremberg.

The seminar is a regular meeting of professors and teaching assistants coming from different universities in Taiwan and public officials. Dr. Fritzsche was invited to give the Keynote by the president of Feng Chia University, Taichung, a collaboration partner of FAU. After the lecture, the JOSEPHS concept was discussed in a smaller circle of selected experts. The meeting inspired various follow-up activities to continue and expand the successful interaction between FAU and Feng Chia University in the future.