Neues Forschungsprojekt PRODISYS gestartet

Industrie 4.0 erfordert ein radikales Umdenken in produzierenden Unternehmen. Prozesse, die bisher separat gestaltet und gesteuert wurden, werden durch digitale Technologien miteinander vernetzt, umgestaltet und optimal aufeinander abgestimmt. Wie aber lässt sich dies in der Praxis bewerkstelligen? Die Wirtschaftsinformatik hat hierfür das Konzept der Dienstleistungssysteme entwickelt, in denen Wertschöpfung als Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit vieler einzelner Beteiligter modelliert wird. ...


Wi1 auf dem Open Inspiration Day bei Schaeffler

Unter den vier Leitthemen Digitalisierung, Globalisierung, Urbanisierung und Klimawandel kamen bei Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen zusammen, um im gemeinsamen Dialog Innovationen und Lösungsansätze für Fragestellungen der vier Themengebiete zu diskutieren. Auch der Lehrstuhl Wi1 nutzte die Gelegenheit, Forschungs- und Projektergebnisse, insbesondere aus dem Bereich der Digitalisierung, zu präsentieren. Auf besonderes Interesse traf dabei das vom ...


Wi1 break out - 2 days discussing, reflecting and planning Wi1

Just before the summer, Wi1 took a time out from daily operations to reflect, discuss and plan the research, teaching and projects of the chair jointly. The break-out session on Monday and Tuesday was full of work, of course. But after intensive discussion and innovating, the team deserved some Schnitzel, Schaeufele and a beer in the shadow of the imperial castle. Here are some happy faces at the Biergarten, on a beautiful summer evening! :-)


EURAM 2017: SIG Innovation best paper award goes to Martin Schymanietz

The SIG Innovation at Euram awarded the best papers of their group last night in Glasgow: one of three winner certificates and a bottle of very rare scottish whisky went to.... Martin Schymanietz of Wi1. The title of his peer evaluated paper in the innovation group of Euram is "Data-driven service innovation – An exploration of actors and challenges in the German manufacturing industry". Congratulations! We are wee proud!


Awards for JOSEPHS!

Award for JOSEPHS: we are very pleased that we were nominated for the Grand Prize at ISPIM the International Society for Professional Innovation Management in Vienna and that we took second place. Congratulations to Hewlett Packard Enterprise - the Living Progress Challenge who came in first. We also congratulate IBM - the THINKLab Galaxy and GE - Genius Link, the other two finalists.

The ISPIM Grand Prize is awarded to organizations that have significantly increased their ...


FAU researchers discuss the future of work in the digital economy with leading international scholars

Each year, the award ceremony of the Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society brings outstanding researchers to Nuremberg. Wi1 used this opportunity to host a meeting between FAU staff and international guests to discuss the digital transformation of economy and its consequences for the way how we will work in the future. Among others, the list of participants included the Schöller Senior Fellows Samir Chatterjee, Carol Saunders and Shirley Gregor.

The lively and inspiring ...


Security as a Service: on the benefits for others provided by critical infrastructures


The efforts taken to secure critical infrastructures are immense. During the last years, cybersecurity has received particular attention in this context. The VeSiKi project is dedicated to the investigation and support of research projects dealing with IT and the security of critical infrastructures. Wi1 particularly focusses on questions of innovation in VeSiKi. But what exactly is secured, and how does this contribute to the security of society? These questions are explored in a paper by ...


Webinar: Are you ready for the Internet of Things era?

Our associate researcher Aida Boukhris has been invited last week by the multinational firm PTC to give a webinar on the IoT adoption drivers and challenges. The webinar is now featured as Webcast Replay on the website of Thingworx, the IoT cloud platform commercialized by the company PTC. During the 34-minute session, Ms. Boukhris has essentially covered the topic of how the internet of things is changing the academic and start-up landscape, and the need for the industry to collarobate with ...


Veranstaltungsreihe IT-Sicherheit im JOSEPHS®

Bis zum 29. August 2017 ist der Förderschwerpunkt „IT-Sicherheit für Kritische Infrastrukturen“ mit einer Insel im  JOSEPHS® vertreten. An der Themeninsel dreht sich alles um die Themen IT-Sicherheit und kritische Infrastrukturen. Die Besucher können verschiedene Demonstratoren ausprobieren, in einer Simulation mit dem Smartphone eine Infrastruktur hacken oder mit dem humanoiden Roboter NAO interagieren. Auch die Verbundprojekte RiskViz und Sidate sind mit Demonstratoren vertreten. Die Insel ...


“Leadership for Innovation” - presenting output from a unique research initiative

Over the last years, the Peter Pribilla Foundation has provided support for numerous outstanding scholars to pursue research projects, collaborate, exchange experience and explore new ways of experimentation, communication, teaching and training. The results can be found in a new publication, ...



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